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Roxy Reynolds and her Cornbread Ass gets buttered

Well you will never get tired of this girl, and I swear Roxy Reynolds ass is getting more and more round every time I see her. Check this scene out where she takes a pounding, then gets covered in a buttermilk topping. The full video is in our members section Join Now to check it out

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pinkyxxx roxy reynolds roxy reynolds pinkyxxx

Booty Booty Everywhere

This huge booty update includes both VIDEO and photos, of this gigantic booty chic by the name of Monica, this update is courtesy of our friends at Yourdiamondprinces.com All I can say is once you peep the sample clip of that ass in motion, then if you arent a member JOIN NOW to see the full clip , and the gallery. Here is the sample disregard on the clip where it says coming soon, CUZ ITS ALREADY HERE. If you are already a member LOG IN now to check it out

pinkyxxx black asses pinkyxxx black asses

pinkyxxx black asses

NEW SHIT! Pinky got a CORNBREAD ASS! and warm mouth

Ok my fellow cornbreadass lovers you have seen her many places before but never in a scene like this we got over 30 minutes of Pinky aka Pink aka PinkyXXX shaking that ass, giving one hell of a sloppy blowjob, and getting fucked every way possible. This is a cant miss scene check out the video sample below to see what I mean. JOIN NOW TO SEE IT ALL

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Mahogany comes back FOR SOMETHING EXTRA - VIDEO

Mahogany comes back, to get what she had been missing on her first visit, and Brutus was happy to give it all to her. Watch this hard hitting scene, and many more in our members section JOIN TODAY TO HAVE INSTANT ACCESS HIGH QUALITY clips, and photos inside.

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Danielle "cant take the heat" - VIDEO

Danielle is thick as all out doors, damn she must have had been raised on cornbread from birth up until atleast age 18. She talks a good game, but all I gotta say is You gotta see this suprise ending, before she takes the glaze to the face. Watch her sample clip, then see phat azz get banged out. JOIN TODAY TO HAVE INSTANT ACCESS to all the HIGH QUALITY clips, and photos inside

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Peaches "What camera are you talking about?" - VIDEO

Today you get to see a lil bit of Peaches, This girl as you can tell from the photos, should really be called GUMBO. Man this girl goes at it like she really enjoys getting smashed on camera. from beggining to the money shot. Watch her sample clip, then see Ms Peaches get the BIG STICK. JOIN TODAY TO HAVE INSTANT ACCESS to all the HIGH QUALITY clips, and photos inside CLICK HERE TO GET HER ON DVD !

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Devine Sweetness "hot water cornbread" - VIDEO

Devine Sweetness woke up and got just what she was wishing for, but dont think she will ask again cuz she ended up being very sore after a lengthy "dream ride" Watch her sample clip, then see phat azz get banged out. JOIN TODAY TO HAVE INSTANT ACCESS to the HIGH QUALITY clips, and photos inside.

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Tempting Temptation - VIDEO and Pics

Ok here goes 46 inches of cornbread fed ass that comes in the form of girl named Temptation. Baby girl got the head game on lock. Gotta give props to skinny ass Vinny for getting all up in that.So JOIN TODAY TO HAVE INSTANT ACCESS to the HIGH QUALITY clips, and photos inside

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Spanisha tries Hardcore - VIDEO and Pics

Ok if in New York you have probably see this lady in the clubs shaking that ass. Or you might have seen her dance video on a certain internet site. She goes by many aliases, Sylvia, Pandora, Spanisha, (my personal favorite "ass like water") And HERE YOU WILL SEE HER DOING HER FIRST HARDCORE. Nells breaks her in , in every possible position, and I think she likes it, as you will tell by all the moans and groans JOIN TODAY TO HAVE INSTANT ACCESS to the HIGH QUALITY clips, and photos inside.

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Kara Kane gets the cornbread fucked out of her - VIDEO

Ok we are glad to bring you this fine chic named Kara Kane, as you can see, she got azz for days, Check out the sample clip just to see how that ass shake all by itself, If you want to see that ass jiggle in action, while getting tapped from the back, then take the nut to the face! Become a member today!

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Shorty Shake Off - VIDEO

This update is a clip from our new DVD Shorty shake off. It features Star and her lil friend, doing some hot dance scenes, solo scenes, and a girl/girl rub down. We have a SPECIAL membership, offer where you can the video, when getting SHAKEOFFDVD7 special, just choose SHAKEOFFDVD7 under payment option tab when joining before ordering please read details of this offer here or you can just purchase by itself by contacting us JOIN TODAY TO HAVE INSTANT ACCESS to these clips, and make sure to click here for more info on ordering this crystal clear DVD

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P.A.W.G. special "FAITH" - VIDEO and pics

Hope everybody had a happy holidays, We got something a lil different for you, cuz at Cornbreadasses.com it was a white Christmas. Here is our first P.A.W.G. (phat ass white girl) Faith. She definitely been eating her cornbread since birth. Watch her pose, shake dat phat azz, then do a litte shower scene and get all soapy. Check the sample clip for a quick taste let me know what you think. might have a a few more P.A.W.Gs for you in future JOIN TODAY TO HAVE INSTANT ACCESS to the HIGH QUALITY clips, and photos inside

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Durty Redd - VIDEO

This week we got Durty Redd checkin in , watch that ass shake in sample clip, and you see a thing of beauty in motion. JOIN TODAY TO HAVE INSTANT ACCESS to the HIGH QUALITY clips, and photos inside

Also big news, OUR ONLINE VIDEO STORE IS NOW OPEN so you can now order Shorty Shake off DVD with your credit card. ITS product code CBA-01 order today here FGC ENT E STORE

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Meet Pocahontas - VIDEO and pics

Meet Pocahantas - Recently did this shoot. This girl is a stallion. Ok yall know I gotta point out certain body parts each update, This update peep the ass, and that long ass tongue. Expect to see much more of her, I will also be dropping the link to her webpage soon Check out the sample clip then to see more. Become a member today!

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Nana Cornbread ass and titties? pics and video

Ok this is a must join clip, Nana got banged out on this one, with nasty ass self, please excuse beginning of clip, in background you hear where her hungry ass friend is talking about all the food they plan to get after shoot lol. Watch her get fuck every which way but loose, and get that nut in her face In order to check out the VIDEO and pics, JOIN TODAY!

nana035.jpg nana074.jpg nana104.jpg

Princess 42 inches of ass, and photos and videos

Ok this broad right here, definitely hasn't missed her fish, grits cornbread and all down home eating she goes by name princess, you cant miss her in crowd with this 42 inch ass, It would bring tears to your eyes, check out her out in her 3 photo set update , and lots video clips to match, check out a sample below JOIN TODAY TO SEE IT ALL.

IMG_2461.jpg IMG_2478.jpg


Monica, cornbread fed, lips and ass match - VIDEO and bonus pics

Monica got ass like whoa, them lips definitely get that "HOOVER Vacuum" action going on. Ass shakes just right with jello like motion, Check out the sample clip to see triple threat Monica, ass lips and tits powered by cornbread get fucked on video, and then see the bonus photo set. Become a member today!

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Too many Stars in the hood

OK FOLKS, here goes another girl found in the hood, and again her name is Star, Make you wonder about what these girls think about when choosing these damn names, Well as you can see she stacked in front and back, check out the pics JOIN TODAY!


Starr -with 2 r's lol

Starr is a big booty dancer we that came through and did a few pics most girls with asses this big have no tits at all, but not her,she got some tig ol bitties, and nipples to match, check it out on the inside. Join today and dont miss out!

starr3941.jpg starr3855.jpg

Mcdonald's sells Cornbread? photos and video

Fucking around one day found this chick at mcdonalds, long story short, a few sweet words, and she is out the door with me to take some flicks, DAMN HER ASS IS THICK. Made me wonder when did Mcdonalds start selling cornbread. In order to check out the video and pics, JOIN TODAY!

dym030705-034.jpg uvs040920-047.jpg uvs040920-064.jpg